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Silica Gel White Beads 5 Gram
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Silica Gel Manufacturer exporter and supplier in India, Muscat, UAE Middle East, Mumbai, Fujairah, Muscat, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Gandhidham Kandla, Canada


We, the RXSOL leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Silica gel products since 1995. Our manufacturing facilities comprise purchase, production, quality control, packaging, dispatch departments. The strategic location of our manufacturing unit offers several advantages like procurement of raw material and dispatch of the finished product for the continuous supply of our products as per clients' needs.


Our Product List is below:
Silica Gel White
Silica Gel Blue
Silica Gel Orange
Chromatography Silica Gel
Silica Gel Pouch/Sachets/Bag
Activated Alumina Ball
Activated Clay Desiccant Ball
Container Desiccant
Cat Litter Silica Gel
Silica Gel Beads White/Blue/Orange


Loss on drying : Not more that 5% mass
Absorption Capacity : 27% min on the basis of mass
PH : 3.5 to 8.
Chlorides : 0.05% by mass max
Cobalt (as CoCl2) : 0.4 by mass max
Ammonium compounds (as NaH3): 0.5% by mass max
Sulphates (Na2SO4) : 0.5% by mass max
Packing: 25 / 50 kgs M S drum (Smaller packing available).

Dehumidifying and dehydrating agent, air condition, drying of compressed air and other gases, and liquids such as refrigerants and oils containing water in suspension.

PROTECT shipping goods and wet containers, from moisture & humidity
Keep your goods in Cargo - moisture, and wet-free: 

During shipment long time intervals and weather changes, goods commodities can be affected by moisture content, And moisture is the main cause of mold on the goods. 

RXSOL SILICA GEL PACK is specially designed for ocean, truck, and air shipping containers to keep the goods humid-free. The cargo dry paks inhibit the moisture and related problems. 

Silica gel packets / Sachet:

The RXSOL paks Sachet has the super capacity, is non-toxic, and is suitable for all industries. These packets are highly effective in removing moisture. The silica gel packets contain millions of pores, which allows the silica gel to hold the excess moisture for a longer time. The silica gel packets play a vital role in packaging and are versatile and effectively used in various products. 

RXSOL SILICA GEL Sachet Available sizes:

500 gm Cargo Dry Pak
1500 gm Cargo Dry Pak
125 gm Sachet Container Desiccant
500 gm (125gm*4) Container Sachet

RXSOL Silica Gel Packets (0.5gm, 1gm, 2gm, 5gm, 10gm, 25gm, 50gm, 100gm, 200gm, & 1kg)

RXSOL has been offering the best and most effective solutions against moisture and humidity control since 1995. Our company claims to be one of the best manufacturers and distributors of Adsorbents and Desiccants. Our products inhibit the formation of mold & mildew and also prevent rust and corrosion. RXSOL SILICA is well known among the shipping and packaging industries. All our products are non-toxic and environment-friendly.

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We are a Manufacturer of SILICA GEL and supplying across the all over India, Oman, Middle East UAE and foreign countries to different Chemical Industries, Thermal Power Plants, Indian Railways, Indian Army, Petrochemical Industries, Leather Industry, Steel Industry, Garment Industry, Pharmaceutical Companies, Silica Gel Breather Industry & Traders. With a persistent focus on continuous innovative solutions, we are committed to manufacturing SILICA GEL as per Indian Standard-3401-1992 specification. Our core focus is to understand our client’s needs and to provide them with customized product quality


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