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Potassium Chloride
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Potassium Chloride finds numerous uses, especially in the field of Agriculture, Medicine, Radiation, food & beverages, and more. Another well-known use of this salt is as a fire extinguisher

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Potassium Chloride is a high purity, dry crystalline inorganic/metal halide salt composed of potassium and chlolrine, KCl. It has a molar mass of 74.551 g/mol and occurs naturally as the mineral slyvite. Potassium chloride is often referred to as muriate of potash (MOP), particularly when used as a fertilizer.

Product Details:
Color White
Grade Standard Reagent Grade, Technical Grade
Packaging Size 50kg
Packaging Type HDPE bags
Physical State Powder, Granules, Crystals
Usage Industrial
Purity 99%
Purity: 99% 
Presence: White Crystalline powder 

Advantage :
• Widely used in the industry
• Largely benign salt; solutions are neutral pH
• Does not significantly impair performance of polymers such as viscosifiers and filtration controllers

Appearance                                                                     White free flowing crystalline powder

Density                                                                             1.98 SG

Bulk Density                                                                      71 to 78 Ib/ ft³

Aqueous Solubility                                                            Up to 24%, 278.9 gL of solution at 68˚F (20˚C)

Purity                                                                                 98.83%-99%

K20                                                                                    62% and above

• Primarily used as a shale inhibitor as the potassium ion exchanges with calcium and sodium ions n the interlayer space in illites and smectites, converting them to more stable mica-type structures that do not hydrate and swell.
• Used to prepare brines for drill-in, completion, and workover fluids

Other namesSylvite common name
Muriate of potash Potassium Chloride


CAS number[7447-40-7]
RTECS numberTS8050000


Molecular formulaKCl
Molar mass74.55 g/mol
Appearancewhite crystalline solid
Density1.987 g/cm3
Melting point775 °C
Boiling pointca. 1500 °C
Solubilityin water28.1 g/100 ml (0 °C)
34.0 g/100 ml (20 °C)
56.7 g/100 ml (100 °C);


EU IndexNot listed
Flash pointNon-flammable
LD502600 mg/kg (oral/rat), 142 mg/kg (intravenous/rat)
Potassium Chloride also used as a water softener.
Potassium Chloride is a salt of metal halide that combines potassium and chlorine. Featuring the formula KCl, this salt is odourless in nature and can be distinguished by its white and sometimes colourless vitreous crystal-like appearance.
The salt readily dissolves in water without leaving a residue 
Inexpensive as compared to other salts
Produced and processed as per approved technology
Sold at economical prices
Packed in good quality boxes and containers
We are the one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers Potassium Chloride Crystals.  Processed in a clean and hygienic medicinal environment, these crystals are highly effective.  In addition to this. Owing to their enhanced shelf life, these products can be stored for a long time. 
Compositional accuracy
Longer shelf life
Precise pH range


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