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CARMINE ACETO RXSOL-60-6604-261 Lab Chemical-60
CARMINE FOR MICROSCOPY RXSOL-60-6604-262 Lab Chemical-60
CARMINIC ACID AR 98 For Microscopy CI No 75470 RXSOL-60-6604-263 Lab Chemical-60
CASEIN VITAMIN FREE also fat free RXSOL-60-6604-266 Lab Chemical-60
CELESTIN BLUE for Microscopy CI No 51050 RXSOL-60-6604-268 Lab Chemical-60
CELITE 545 FILTER AID RXSOL-60-6604-269 Lab Chemical-60
CELLOSOLVE ACETATE RXSOL-60-6604-270 Lab Chemical-60
CETYL ALCOHOL LR RXSOL-60-6604-289 Lab Chemical-60
Magnesium Phosphate RXSOL-19-3373-025 Raw Chemicals-19
CHROMIUM METAL POWDER RXSOL-60-6604-321 Lab Chemical-60
Hold Clean XF RXSOL-22-2220-220 Hold Solution-22
Sodium Hypo Chlorite Powder RXSOL-19-3374-025 Raw Chemicals-19
Copper Nitrate RXSOL-19-3375-025 Raw Chemicals-19
Aluminum Sulfate RXSOL-40-1904-050 Sewage Chemicals Treatment-40
2 Naphthol RXSOL-19-3377-025 Raw Chemicals-19
Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor Phosphate Based RXSOL-43-4029-200 Cooling Water Chemical-43
Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate Solution RXSOL-12-2031-200 Detergent & Soap-12
Iron Pyrite RXSOL-19-3379-025 Raw Chemicals-19
Poly Butylene Succinate RXSOL-19-3380-025 Raw Chemicals-19


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